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Living in Colombia: La Feria De Cali

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La Feria de Cali

Every year in Santiago de Cali, Colombia a huge festival celebrates the end of the year, and you have nearly twelve months to plan your trip! If you enjoy salsa, as a dance or spectator, this is where you must visit. Also known as the Sugar Cane Fair, La Feria de Cali takes place where the immense plantations are, the Cauca Valley of Cali, Colombia. Christmas Day, December 25 is the beginning of this week long event that is one big party gathering speed to culminate on New Year’s Eve. The city of Santiago de Cali, which is nearly 3 million strong almost bursts at the seams. Planning ahead is highly recommended.

Years ago the focus of this festival was centered on bullfighting, but over time the direction has turned to the atmosphere of a street fair with arts and music. Cali, Colombia is known as the Salsa Capital of the World and every July they have a festival dedicated completely to salsa. La Feria de Cali sets itself apart from the July celebration with multiple concerts, acts from Colombia but also from other Latin countries, Europe and the United States.

Some bullfighting still takes place, but it’s been under great scrutiny and never draws the huge crowds it once did. Visitors and locals are much too interested in the more genteel cabalgata, which is the parade of horses that designates the commencement of festivities. Food booths are extremely popular, and lines can be long for crowd favorites. More recently athletic competitions and games have been added, and there will be several cultural exhibitions. The beauty pageant is a main event and done with a certain amount of class, displaying the extraordinary beauty of young Colombian women.

I highly recommend an entire week spent in Cali for this event, but I pass this information on with a word of caution. La Feria de Cali has been attended since its inception in 1957 mainly by Colombians, and it’s become better known and popular in the past decade, probably due to social media and the internet. In time it will be as jam-packed and crowded as Carnival in Rio. Don’t wait until then!

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