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Buying property in Mexico involves many steps, not only finding the right villa or condo in the right area and at the right price, but also complying with a system of property ownership quite different from what is usual in one’s home country.

A “Buyer’s Representative” or “Buyer’s Agent” is available to help you find the right property and negotiate the best price and terms. Our Puerto Vallarta real estate articles page provides valuable information on buying and selling Puerto Vallarta real estate. Our commitment is to provide you with a professional, care-free purchase or rental experience.

Please visit our Luxury Rental pages for your vacation accommodations. All of our Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals will provide you with more comfort and privacy, and a better per person value, than standard hotels. We can provide you with a one-bedroom condo on the beach, or a fully staffed private Puerto Vallarta villa with pool and tennis court. Let us help find that special retreat.

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“2012 Mexico will surpass Russia and India to become the 7th largest economy in the world by 2020. According to a report “The World in 2050″ published by the HSBC Bank, Mexico will maintain a growth rate of 3 to 5 percent over the next 40 years and is likely to become the 8th largest economy in 2050.”

Important Information For Vallarta Real Estate Buyers

See My Articles About The Real Estate Process In Mexico And Follow My Newspaper Column Here In My Blog Under Viewpoint.   Here Are My Most Recent Articles.

Vallarta Real Estate: Comparing Sales 2015 To 2016

VIEWPOINT YEAR OVER YEAR COMPARISON 2015-1016 SALES FLEX MLS -BAY OF BANDERAS Homes, Condos, Land, Multi-family, fractional, Commercial not included Compared to 2015, we have increased our overall units sold by 36% from 445 to 604. Sales volume in USD up 21% to $172, 102, 040. Average sales price went from $320,537 usd to $ […]


Vallarta Real Estate: How about 2017?

VIEWPOINT How about 2017?  My personal assessment at this point in the time The world is in a more noticeable shift of power which will influence how we settle on democracies, dictatorships, or socialist countries. We will see more changes and adjustments in 2017 in financial and global markets, in demographics, and in aggression of […]



VIEWPOINT  IS THERE A ROAD TO A SELLERS’ MARKET? In the next weeks we will discuss sold statistics for 2016 compared to 2015.We will also look at pre-construction and ownership changes occurring in Emiliano Zapata, or Zone Romantica. Today let us review buyer and seller markets: how value may be established to achieve more transparency. […]


Vallarta Real Estate: Differences in American and Mexican Traits

  VIEWPOINT® The USA and Mexico are physically close and have a complex relationship on shared and different cultural bias and their shared history. Note the following differences in American and Mexican traits: Family Family is the first priority. Children are celebrated and sheltered. Wife fulfills domestic role. Mobility is limited. Family is usually second […]



VIEWPOINT ®          HANDLING REAL ESTATE OBJECTIONS: COMMISSIONS The following are various responses to how agents may handle objections from sellers. Rate them from most convincing to least.  Or give your suggestions for best explanation for paying commissions: Lower the commission: Seller, did you ask the agent before me to cut her commission, or did […]


Vallarta Real Estate: Fair Market Value?

VIEWPOINT FAIR MARKET VALUE Those of us living in Mexico who are from other parts of North America probably take the concept of fair market value for granted.  We assume that this measure of value is used in other markets and other countries. Actually, it is not common outside of the USA or Canada to […]


Vallarta Real Estate: Escrow In Mexico

VIEWPOINT® ESCROW IN MEXICO Escrow as we know it in the US and Canada is not required in Mexico. The choice to use escrow is negotiated between buyer and seller.  Using a third party to hold funds is what most Americans and Canadians have grown up to believe is the proper way to purchase or […]


Vallarta Real Estate: A Genuine MLS Service for Buyers & Sellers

Dear Harriet; As I gather my paperwork together for my new brokerage to join the XY Board of Realtors and MLS, I’m reminded of the great benefits which come from membership. The MLS performs two functions which combine to make it the premier tool for agents and sellers to effectively market their homes. It shows […]



VIEWPOINT® MEXICAN FIDEICOMISO TRUST IS IT A BENEFIT WHICH SHOULD BE KEPT? The Trust A major consideration for Mexico home purchasers is the location of the home. If it is located in what is called the Restricted Zone, foreigners cannot legally own direct title to real estate. The Restricted Zone is defined as the land […]


Vallarta Real Estate: Mexican Ejido or Communal Land

VIEWPOINT  Mexican Ejido or Communal Land In Mexico before 1915, large haciendas held most of the land. One per- cent of the population owned 90% of the land. The Agrarian Reform Act of 1915 and the Constitution of 1917 created a unique form of ejido land ownership. This body of law gave the federal government […]