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We are an intercultural team of experts with a decade of experience creating satisfied customers and solid, high-quality constructions in the Puerto Vallarta and Bahía de Banderas area.

We start by listening carefully to our clients’ wishes and ideas. Afterwards, we execute their decisions and offer patient, flexible and transparent counsel and guidance throughout every phase of the project; which may include planning, studies, design, acquisition of permits, constructing and finalizing the work. We conclude the experience with the pride that comes with delivering an exceptional finished product on time.

Building with us is very different than building with other companies. We pride ourselves on our transparency and our honesty. Many people are surprised at how upfront and accessible we are as contractors and administrators of projects. We are always available for counsel and guidance and willing to offer explanations regarding any part of the construction process. Our pride lies in our ability to work in a way that greatly benefits our clients, and leaves them happy with their decision to build with us.

Our workers are experienced and great at what they do. We choose our sub-contractors based on experience and quality. All our employees are paid well and have proper social security benefits. Our work sites are clean, safe, and maintained in respectable condition. Workers seek out employment with our company and constructions because they know that things are done right.

Even with the best planned and designed projects, clients often want to make changes. It is a natural part of the process and what often happens is that certain details a client may not have wanted in the initial plans become something they desire as we move deeper into the building. This is not a problem for us, since we are able to accommodate changes and make the process move forward with ease if or when they come up. We are able to look at any possibility and be completely honest and direct regarding what additional costs may be incurred and how complicated or simple concepts may be to implement and include into an existing project. Then we discuss the possibilities with our clients and allow them the time and patience to make their choices. Nothing happens without explicit, signed approval with prices and clear agreements on what needs to be changed or added.

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