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Cost of Living in Columbia

Cost of Living in Columbia

It will cost you a lot less to live in Columbia and thousands of ex-pats have settled throughout the country. Your eating habits are likely to change since most of those foods you’re accustomed back home are imported and will put a major dent in your wallet, since they’re loaded with import taxes. Local produce is cheap in comparison and will make you a healthier person in the long run. An average lunch out, when eating at local comidas can cost as little as $5 or less, including soup, meat entrée, vegetables, salad and a non-alocholic drink. You’ll pay a little bit more at a fast food place like McDonalds and have, of course, lower quality. A dozen farm fresh eggs at the market will cost the equivalent of $1.50 USD and a pound of tomatoes is far less than a dollar. There are American style supermarkets in many of the larger populations but we prefer to shop at small local shops, many of them family owned. Supporting the local economy is the best practice regardless of where you roam.

A large (900 square foot) apartment, furnished, will cost anywhere between $450 – 650 USD, depending on what part of town, and the higher end place will be in a nicer district. All utilities, including internet will be under $100 USD per month, combined, though they are accounts that are paid for individually. Everyone, of course, has a housekeeper who shows up at least once a week and they work for approximately $2/hr. It’s normal to tip them, but percentagewise, even that’s extremely nominal. Younger people are inclined to live together in communal type situations, which affords them nicer accommodations with split costs.

Health care is always big on everyone’s mind, especially retirees. No one goes without good health care in Columbia. In 1991 the government adopted reforms that claim health care a basic human right and it applies to everyone, regardless if you were born there, come from another country, or just passing through. Nueva EPS, the public insurance company provides the same plan for all, including medical, dental and vision. There are private insurance companies, as there always will be and they do expand on basic coverage, but unless one has a specific condition, we recommend the national system and have found it to be perfectly sufficient.

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