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Mortgages for Mexican properties – Welcome to your dreams

Have you wanted to own a vacation or second home in Mexico but thought it was out of your reach? For the past several years, foreigners have been able to purchase properties in Mexico using a traditional mortgage! Cross Border Investment provides premium financial services in Mexico – including mortgage brokering and closing coordination.

At CBI, we work with you to select the top loan for your needs and we shop for the best deals amongst our lenders. CBI offers ALL loans available – we are your link to the lowest interest rates and fees, as well as the smoothest closing. Contact us today, and let CBI make your dreams a reality!

CBI = Best Loan Options & Premium Service

Cross Border Investment offers all available loan options – matching you with the mortgage that best suits your needs at the lowest cost. CBI provides mortgage broker as well as closing coordination services – we work with you from the very first conversation up until you sign your deed – and beyond.

CBI understands that for some buyers purchasing a property in a foreign country can be overwhelming. We are proud to offer premium quality service to help make your transaction as worry-free as possible. CBI is completely bi-lingual and has an extraordinary track-record in the cross-border mortgage industry in Mexico. One of the primary goals of CBI is to provide transparency to our clients and to make the process as streamlined as possible.

At Cross Border Investment, we are proud to offer all the available mortgage options.  We match you with the best loan program and shop around for the lowest interest rate and fees. You can use our prequalify page to provide information and a loan officer will get in touch with you, or you can contact CBI to figure out wich is the best loan program for you. 

The mortgages are divided into two categories: Mortgages for US and Canadian (CND) citizens and residents and mortgages for citizens and residents of Mexico.

 Please click the link for the mortgage calculator.  You should fill out the highlighted fields.  If the purchase price is in pesos, enter price in the USD column and enter 1 as the exchange rate.