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Gringo Gulch

Resort area of Second Homes for Americans and Canadians

About the Gringo Gulch Area:

This area of Puerto Vallarta became famous in 1963, when Richard Burton bought “Casa Kimberly” for Elizabeth Taylor while he was filming “Night of the Iguana” at Mismaloya Beach. Perhaps it was the paparazzi’s photographs and reports of one of the 20th century’s great love affairs that made Vallarta known as the most romantic spot in the world.

The steep, villa-dotted hillside above the island’s upper end is called Gringo Gulch for the colony of rich norteamericanos who own big homes there. It’s an interesting place for a stroll.

Gringo Gulch is on the east-side hill above and behind the town church. Get there most directly either by following the stone pathway uphill (past the HSBC bank) north of the upstream Río Cuale bridge, or by walking east along Calle Zaragoza, the street that runs along the main downtown plaza’s south side.

In each case, follow the steep staircases that will bring you to the corner of Zaragoza and Miramar, where you are at the gateway to Gringo Gulch. Wander the winding lanes and enjoy the picturesque scenes that appear around each rickety-chic corner.

During your meanderings, don’t miss the Gringo Gulch centerpiece mansion at Zaragoza 446, once owned by Elizabeth Taylor. (You’ll scarcely be able to miss it, for it has a pink passageway arching over the street.) The house was a gift to Taylor from Richard Burton. After they were married, they also bought the house on the other side of Zaragoza, renovated it, and built a pool; thus the passageway became necessary.