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Imagine Your Life Differently: Why Live Abroad In Latin America?

Opportunity Knocks!

Why Are North Americans & Europeans Buying Homes in Mexico, Panamá & Colombia?

For North Americans: Proximity to the USA and Canada

1. Air flights: (fair, low fares), distances from 2.5 to 5 hours one-way

2. Weather, Climate: Opportunity for mild sunny climates at sea level and moderate, cooler temperatures in higher elevations.

3. Lifestyle: Less formal, slower pace, many outdoor activities, cleaner air, music, arts and entertainment, different dining experiences

4. Services and Infrastructure, utilities, roads, bridges, hospitals, shopping for necessities, stable government

5. Currency: (American) US dollar, or Mexican or Colombia at favorable exchange rates to the US dollar.

6. Fascinating Culture: Aztec, Mayan and Spanish cultures

I am expanding my Mexican Real Estate practice to include other Latin American Countries: Columbia & Panama.   I have been in all three countries, and currently live in Mexico (for the past 20 years actually). I would happily live in Colombia or Panama, and will be spending more time there in the future focusing on the real estate markets and investment opportunities there.

I have formed alliances with competent, professional and ethical Real Estate Agencies in these new markets in order to give my clients all the important information to be able to make decisions about buying and living in any of these 3 countries.

I can answer questions and match my clients up with the right people who will give them professional and informative experience I guarantee to all my clients.

In addition to real estate listings in Columbia, Panama and Mexico, we will soon have vacation rental listings available so for those who would like to go down and test the waters we can take care of that for you as well.   We are loading everything as fast as we can 🙂

To make this a reality all you need to do is: Imagine your life differently.  Contact me today: