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There are 3 bedrooms plus den and 4 baths.  The plan for the 6 acres has sites for 7 homes and there is currently a home, a guest casita, Palapa and 4 bay garage.

In a remote yet easily accessible location on the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Contemporary and minimalist with extraordinary views of beach and ocean, a modern home sits above a remote stretch of beach on six acres of land called Chachalaka.

South of Puerto Vallarta Mexico, is the area know as Costalegre, which translates as ‘joyful coast’. It’s an area of pristine, virgin beaches. And, while only 96 kilometers away, the wildness and beauty feels worlds away from the domestication of Puerto Vallarta.

Further south, Careyes has long been the playground of fashionistas, the jet set and polo players but further north on this coast, there is a magical region waiting to be discovered.

A diversity of flora and fauna exists here that ranges from tropical to dry and arid. Birds of many varieties populate the coast, and some are unique to only this area of Mexico. Whales and other Marine life are abundant and the area is home to nesting sea turtles that return annually to lay their eggs on the beaches.


In this place, imagine a home and landscape perched on a 20 kilometer stretch of beach, with nobody in sight. The charming laid back fishing village of Tehuamixtle, famous for it’s oysters, grilled spiny lobster and catch of the hour, is a 1.5 km walk, bike or golf cart ride away.

This place is Chachalaka, a place that was designed to enchant, and a place you won’t want to leave.

It is a place that surprises and is unexpected. Award winning designer John Van Dyke set out to create a home that was equally as unexpected. John approaches the world with the designer sense of how things could be, a photographers sense of how they actually are, and an artists sense of what that means.  At the top of his field as an internationally prominent graphic designer, he chose to close his office in 1998. His creative work is recognized in the leading international design and photography journals and has garnered awards too numerous to count. Today, he has turned his passion for design into architectural expression

It started with a dream, a love of beaches, and a quest to find a paradise undiscovered. As John says:

We all have a dream. Some of us achieve that dream, and some experience it through others. And some just continue to dream. In business, dreams become ideas, and ideas become a business. It can start small and grow as we follow our idea, learning along the way and following our passion – if we are fortunate enough to be passionate about what we are doing.  I have been fortunate. Design is something that I realized was my passion a long time ago. All things design. That passion for design set me on a journey that became a lifestyle.  As I matured, I began to realize and recognize design on many levels. Travel broadened my experience and introduced me to design from different perspectives. I would introduce these ideas in my work. I became a collector of furniture, photography, fashion, and a consumer of anything showcasing good design. Design was my work and design was integrated into my life.

As John began exploring cool places to escape in warmer climates, he was drawn to amazing beaches and developed what he called “a user experience checklist”.

“How did the walk on that pristine virgin beach affect me? Did I totally forget everything the moment I took in that breathtaking view? Was I mesmerized by the awesome sunset? Am I appreciating the carefully designed architecture around me? Have I noticed the selected and curated furnishings and décor surrounding me? Am I inspired to do something, to create something? Do I feel like I have experienced something so special, I do not want to tell anyone about it? Am I totally relaxed? Do I want to stay or leave.

 If I never wanted to leave, I knew I would return. And I did return frequently to many different places and some extremely special favorites. It is about life. We all need to fuel our inner self with rewards. I realized for me it was ocean, beach, architecture, and, a beautiful setting that had not been overly changed by the hand of man.  This became a part of me, a lifestyle, something that fueled me with enormous energy and creativity. When my tank was low, I knew I could go someplace amazing and fuel up.”

As the world shrank and the truly special places were becoming overcrowded, John decided to create a place. A place that drew on all of his experiences discovering amazing beaches and cool places. He wanted a place that embodied lifestyle, design and architecture, things that he is passionate about. And so, Chachalaka was born.

“I have been blessed with having the time it took to plan and create the place I call Chachalaka. A lifestyle experience that soon will be available for those looking for beauty, intimacy, tranquility, and privacy.”

Chachalaka is close to 6 acres of land on a pristine unspoiled beach. It is a private place where you can wander about undisturbed with abundant sunshine, ocean breezes and nothing but the sounds of nature.

Mid-century architectural modernists influenced the design of the homes. It has been said that the architecture is as if Wright and Barragan met on the beach. It is open in its design and incorporates the setting and views seamlessly. The house is as visually interesting as the setting without distracting attention from the ocean, beach, and landscape. The architecture and colors compliment the surroundings in all of the seasons.

This is truly a place where time lies lightly on the land. It is a place of sunrises and sunsets, walks on the beach, and impossibly starry night skies.

Smart Green Mechanics

The homes and infrastructure at Chachalaka were designed for low impact to the environment. Hot water is from a thermal solar system. Rainwater is captured. Water comes from a property well and additional water system to the property. Grey water is recycled and used for landscape. A leading solar system technology ties the property to the power grid and more power is generated than is used. In addition, the design considers thermal mass, and natural air convection. Construction features indigenous stone and wood.


John on the design of Chachalaka:

“There is an old saying in the design world that could to apply to a broad range of things today. Less is more. It is a way of getting to the point. A visual point. An experience point. A talking point. A message point.

 Less is harder, because it requires the ability to edit and refine and be clear about what you present or create, not a something for everyone approach, but execution with great care and skill, and focus.

 I am going to stay with design on this, because it is what I do. I was inspired to write this because an architect friend has labeled me minimalist. It is reflected in my Chachalaka project, and the house I designed and built in Mexico.

 I was not always minimalist, I did not understand the power of its simplicity. It takes maturity, and a level of personal experience to reach a point, of just getting what simple is about – a point when you can execute something extremely complex with a simple broad stroke.

 A single impactful experience leaves so much more, than a cluster of random distractions.”

 It should be noted that a number of initiatives are underway that will have more people heading to this beautiful place soon. Three five star resorts are being built in the region: Four Seasons Tamarindo, Louis Vuitton Moet Hennesy’s Hotel Cheval Blanc and One and Only’s Santa María de Xala. A new airport is under construction for the municipality with runways completed. Highway expansion is underway from the interior town of El Tuito, just south of Puerto Vallarta to small coastal towns all the way to Manzanillo south.  Perhaps the largest infrastructure project however, is the Presa de Los Panales, an enormous new dam that will provide water along the coast for use in agriculture and several significant tourism projects.

For chic nomads looking for a very adult place away from the crowds…this just might be the ultimate luxury escape.