This is an investment, on a room or rooms, of a brand new hotel Panama City, that the buyers can use when they come to Panama, with a 75% discount of the official room rate, 50% discount for family and friends,  20% discount in food and beverage.

 The diference that makes this investment more atractive, is that the return is based on all the income of the hotel, such as the rent of the all the rooms, (not just yours), food and beverage, conventions and diferent events, SPA telephone calls and membership of the spa for locals.

You can pay the final price, in 3 ways:

1. 10% down payment and the rest until December 2016.
2. 10% down payment and the rest in 18 monthly payments.
3. 10% down payment and the rest in 36 monthly payments.
It is also in dollars, and in a save and secure country.

This hotel will be an icon in Panama, for all the fixtures that it has:

1. Deluxe Rooms with the Braile system on all floors and special ones for the special people.
2. Gourmet Restaurant , Ramon Freixa, with  a world known Chef from Cataluña, Spain with 2 Michelin  stars ,  located on the  29 floor with a beautiful view of the city. This will be the only restaurant in Panama with this type of chef. Another restaurant on the 5th floor and more especialty small restaurants at the street level.
3.  Carlos Ott. was the Architect of the hotel. A very well known architect around the world, betten known for his work in countries such as  Dubai, China, Singapur, Francia, Alemania, Canada, Estados Unidos, Argentina, Uruguay, India and now in Panamá
4. Architectonic pieces, such as the stairs and lamps, that were brought from Italy,
5. Covered and heated pool that has a bar
6. Spa with Flotarium, only one in Panamá.
7.Very well equiped gymnasium.
The owners of this hotel have great experience in this field, because they have being doing this kind of business in 2 hotels and a Convention Center in Cartagena for so many years. And clients of those properties have also bought on this new hotel in Panama, because they trusted them.
The buyers dont have to pay maintenance fee, nor public services or any other expense such as, replacement of the furniture in the future.
If the client want to buy as a company, all the benefits are for the participants of the company, also.
The buyers can use the hotel, as many nights in the year that they want. and they will get 3 free nights once a year, for the anually Meeting of Co-owners.
The buyers will also have discounts in the hotels in Cartagena, Colombia.
1. Hotel Las Americas Resort, Spa y and Convention Center
2.  Hotel Capilla del Mar Hotel in Cartagena, such as 50% discount, in rooms in high season and  35% in low season, and 20% in food and beverages.